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400 years of Academic Science

Der Aa-Kerk exhibition

The exhibition in the Der Aa-Kerk gave a closer look at the rich history of the university, on the basis of for example instruments and preparations. At the same time it offered a look into the distant future, with interactive set-ups, games, discussions and spectacles. From 1614 until eternity.

If science has a label, is there then an expiration date?

  • What is life or what is illness? Each answer began four centuries ago with the bible in hand, but in the year 2014 synthetic biologists are making new life in a laboratory.
  • Where are heaven and earth? Will oil and gas be used up for all the people on earth?
  • What is order, what is law? How does it change over the centuries?
  • Who makes the university? Which people stand in the window of science?

The result is a quirky exhibition, with a beautiful panorama on the significance of science.

For photos of the exhibition, have a look at the photo album on the RUG400 site.

Campagnebeeld 400 jaar wetenschap | ©foto Sacha de Boer

© Photo Sacha de Boer

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