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Order the daily special and support Let Old be Gold!

During the entire RUG400 month – 15 May to 15 June – the Gift for Infinity will be taking centre stage: the research on growing older in active fashion chosen by the public, Let Old Be Gold! Everyone can contribute to this study. You can too! How? Will you be dining out during the RUG400 month of festivities? Visit one of the restaurants in this folder and order the Gift for Infinity daily special (the daghap). You will be directly supporting the Let Old Be Gold! research if you do.

Daily Specials and 3-Course Menus

Below is a list of all the restaurants where you can order a Gift for Infinity daily special (the daghap). In addition, a number of restaurants have a special Gift for Infinity 3-course menu on offer. These restaurants are listed separately. The restaurants participating can be recognized by their special Gift for Infinity daghap sticker on their door or window.

Gift for Infinity

We know that if you continue to participate in society, this will leave you happier, more active, in better shape and healthier. But how does that work? Why does one person remain active and the other not? How can we ensure that no-one withdraws and goes into decline? And what role does volunteer work have to play in the process? The research team led by Prof. Ronald Stolk has gladly taken up the challenge of finding out, in collaboration with LifeLines. You can find out more about the research here.

Participating restaurants

Gift for Infinity 3-Course Menus