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A Gift for Inifity: spectacular music, dance and projection show 23 May

26 May 2014

The University has requested the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO), Club Guy & Roni, WERC Collective and Jan Klug to give their artistic vision of the theme Let Old Be Gold. This is an academic study chosen by the public that everyone can contribute to. It’s a gift for the future, that is, A Gift for Infinity. Right where the heart of our University has always been since 1614, together they presented a spectacular music, dance and projection show entitled A Gift for Infinity.



North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra

Led by chief conductor Stefan Asbury, in ‘A Gift for Infinity’ the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO) will play pieces by the composers Goebels, Wagner, Yusupov and Pärt.
The NNO’s artistic leader Marcel Mandos was clearly inspired the course of a life when selecting the music. ‘Life gets off to an unruly start, out of nothing a human being arrives in a world where human pride seems to rule supreme. In the process of ageing, as human beings we must seek a balance in our earthbound existence.’

Club Guy & Roni

The internationally renowned dance company Club Guy & Roni will be performing with eight dancers. The choreography and overall direction of the event, illustrating the life cycle of a human being, are in hands of the artistic leaders Guy Weizman and Roni Haver. ‘The various stages of growth, the process of growing up and ageing are first addressed, culminating in a moment of enlightenment.’

Jan Klug

Jan Klug is a media artist and electronic musician. Tonight Jan Klug will be responsible for the soundscapes and part of the video processing. The soundscapes will provide the build-up to the beginning of the evening and will also seamlessly connect the various parts of the show. As he puts it, he is ‘the glue between the various parts’. He will also provide the visuals backing the orchestra.

WERC Collective

WERC is a video collective operating on the interface between electronic music and interactive installations. They use projection mapping to seek the border between the earthly and the digital. Collaborating with dancers and classical musicians has yanked the collective out of its comfort zone and is sure to offer all sorts of new challenges. For ’A Gift for Infinity’, and based on its theme, WERC will grapple with the Academy Building, and have it shaking on its foundations. One discovery to be made is that the building isn’t actually as old as its facade would have you believe.


Idea Els van den Berg
Artistic concept Guy Weizman (Club Guy & Roni)
Marcel Mandos (North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra)

Orchestra North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Stefan Asbury
Soloist Christophe Weidmann, viola

Music Goebbels – Surrogate City: Parts D & C
Wagner Lohengrin – Prelude 1st Act
Yusupov – Viola Concert Part 3
Pärt – Fratres

Dance Club Guy & Roni
Choreography Guy Weizman and Roni Haver
Dancers Igor Podsiadly
Roni Haver
Davey Bakker
Ada Daniele
Arad Inbar
Maxime Landstra
Courtney Robertson
Victor Rottier
Costumes Slavna Martinovic
Settings Ascon de Nijs

Projection Mapping & WERC Collective
Video Processing Jelle Valk
Olav Huizer
Joachim Rümke
Joachim de Vries
Timo van Dijk 

Soundscapes & Jan Klug
Video Processing

Producer Tybert-Jan Maters
Production Anjette Kruize
Management RUG400 Lustrumbureau