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1 May 1972
The University council (1994)

The ‘democratization’ at the end of the sixties marked a rigorous change in the relations between students and professors. Up until then, student associations functioned as interlocutors of the university government, who were only marginally consulted. As a first experiment towards democratization the university started in 1968 with a so-called ‘Tussentijdse Bestuursvorm' (TBV, an interim form of government). This ‘polder model’ combined elements from the traditional form of government and more modern views (resulting in for example the appointment of a student-member in the executive committee). Following the ‘Wet Universitaire Bestuurshervorming 1970’ (WUB: Law of reforming the university governance), the university established a University Council of which the first meeting was held in May, 1972. This council operated according to the so-called ‘harmoniemodel’, a model allowing maximal staff and student participation, within the limits of the WUB. The model is still active today.