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Unique recordings of royal visit

1 Jun 1929
Unique recordings of royal visit

Royal visit to Groningen for the occasion of the university lustrum festivities, is the heading of this Film news by Orion Filmfabriek in 1929. Two years later, the company would start a joint-venture under the name of Orion-Profilti. The company competed with the Polygoon news until the start of the Second World War. Orion itself started in 1925 and has served the University well by making these recordings. Queen Wilhelmina, Prince Hendrik and Princes Juliana are waving at the crowds from the city hall terrace. Before everyones eyes a worthy procession is held to make these Groningen festivities into a national occasion, by placing it firmly in the long tradition of connectedness with the state and the House of Orange. The recordings are viewable in the Openbeelden archive