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400 years of student life

Student in Groningen, 1614 - 2014

Groninger Museum Exhibition

For 400 years, students have been a colourful, lively and critical element in the city of Groningen. All kinds of aspects of student life in Groningen are illustrated with the help of objects, original photos and films.

A great deal of attention was paid to the many masquerades. These historical processions were held between 1836 and 1914 and made a great impression on the population of the city. Expressions of typical student culture, with their own hats, songs, club colours and posters, they play the main role in the exhibition. These regularly organized processions provided enjoyment and entertainment in the city. Extraordinary friendship books dating to the 17th and 18th centuries were also being exhibited. Students wrote verses and dedications and sometimes even made drawings in these alba amicorum.

The exhibition is being organized within the framework of the 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen and has been made possible by loans from the Groningen University Museum, the Groningen University Library, the Groningen Archives, senates/boards and ex-members of numerous student associations and private collectors.

Campagnebeeld 400 jaar student en Stad
© Photo: Sacha de Boer

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