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DNA experience

That was a great DNA experience! Want to look back on the day? Watch the video or the photos.

400 children in action

DNA is in every cell of your body, in every human being, but also in plants and animals. You get your DNA from your parents, which is why you resemble them. However, in order for DNA to be able to be passed on, it needs to divide first. On Wednesday 9 April, over 400 primary school pupils came to Groningen to enact the way DNA divides on the Vismarkt.

The event also served as the opening ceremony for the RUG400 exhibition ‘400 Years of Science[DR1] ’ in the Der Aa-kerk. It was a festive afternoon, with Evelien Bosch (zapplive) as host and over 400 primary school pupils being given a living lesson in how DNA actually works. The event was recorded from above and showed on large screens along the square, so spectators could follow the children’s every move.

Picture: Frank van der Veen

The event has been organized together with the UMCG Genetics Department.