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Four centuries of art at the University

From the Shadows

University Museum exhibition

The University of Groningen owns a great deal of art. Wherever you are in University buildings, whichever office or workspace you enter, in every stairwell and courtyard, you will come across a work of art. It could be a painting, a monumental mural or a bust, but it could also simply be a finely worked bannister or an architectural detail.
The University Art Committee displayed a major part of these works of art in the months of April through November 2014: the beautiful, special or just plain interesting art were taken ‘from the shadows’!

The From the Shadows exhibition has been divided into ‘chapters’, each one constructed around a special object or work of art. The infamous Academy Building fire is one of the subjects, depicted in impressive photographs. The architecture of the new Academy Building which replaced it is then dealt with, with its architectural style which can be described as ‘academic’. Blueprints, photos and other material were on display.
Other ‘chapters’ concentrated on anthropological artefacts, unknown portraits and busts of famous scientists. Works acquired as part of the former Beeldende Kunstenaarsregeling (Visual Artists Regulation) that have decorated University buildings were also displayed.

The exhibition will end with a huge wall covered with unknown art from the University buildings. It is wonderful to be able show a number of renowned De Ploeg artworks, taken ‘from the shadows’ of the administrative offices in the Oude Boteringestraat. The collection will be displayed in nineteenth-century Salon manner, with art covering the walls from top to bottom, mature and budding work, professional and amateur: the artistic university in a few square metres!

For photos see photo album at these site.