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Honorary doctorates

On Friday 13 June, the University of Groningen awarded ten honorary doctorates as part of its 400th anniversary celebrations. Honorary doctorates are presented to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to society, academia or politics. Below you will find a compilation video of the award ceremony and the honorary doctors in a row. They each have their own page on which the matching movie of the award ceremony and the background texts and films are available. Beneath are the speeches of Rector Magnificus Prof. Elmer Sterken and Prof. Ronald M. Evans, who spoke on behalf of the honorary doctors.



On 13 June 2014, those receiving an honorary doctorate were:

Professor José Casanova, Georgetown University, USA
(nominated by the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies)

Professor Sir Francis Jacobs QC KCMG, King's College London, UK
(nominated by the Faculty of Law)

Professor Ronald M. Evans, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA
(nominated by the Faculty of Medical Sciences)

Professor Renata Kallosh, Stanford University, USA
(nominated by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

Professor Michael Schudson, Columbia Journalism School, USA
(nominated by the Faculty of Arts)

Professor Dani Rodrik, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA
(nominated by the Faculty of Economics and Business)

Paul Polman, CEO Unilever
(nominated by the Faculty of Economics and Business)

Professor Robert E. Slavin, School of Education Johns Hopkins University, USA
(nominated by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)

Professor Christine Korsgaard, Harvard University, USA
(nominated by the Faculty of Philosophy)

Professor Andreas Faludi, TU Delft
(nominated by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences)





Movie about 400 years of history of the University of Groningen, shown during the ceremony awards.