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For Infinity - The Movie

A young man is standing on the Broerplein. It’s Tom, a first-year student. He looks around, appearing a bit out of place. The square seems to be vacant ... But then a voice sounds from the Academy Building balcony: ‘Welcome Tom!’ It’s the Rector Magnificus.
Suddenly the square is overflowing with students, dancing and singing. Tom is immersed in a rollicking choreography; his fellow students sing about beautiful Groningen, the interesting degree programmes, the vibrant student life ...
But Tom isn’t really listening. On the Academy Building stairs he sees a lovely girl standing chatting merrily with her girlfriends. Who is this vivacious student? What could be her name? And how can he ever get to know her?

A student’s life on film

During the next thirty minutes we follow Tom on his rollercoaster route through student city Groningen. We share his quest for the beautiful girl, sympathise with him when he has to hit the books hard, hold our breath when things come to a head, and hope against hopes that he will meet up with the girl of his dreams ...

Spectacular musical movie

For Infinity – the Movie is a spectacular musical, produced by the same team responsible for the successful University of Groningen Lipdub.
It’s an ambitious project: how can you show in just half an hour that Groningen is the most fun university town in the Netherlands, with excellent study facilities, cutting-edge architecture, lively students and good-natured city folk? And how can you translate that typical Groningen feeling into a movie done entirely in song and dance, full of fabulous jokes and absurdistic asides? Which is a feel-good movie and coming-of-age tale all wrapped in one?
Well, we’re pretty sure we’ve pulled it off! After having seen For Infinity – the Movie, the audience will know for sure: Groningen is every bit a cool city, and what could be more wonderful than to be connected to the good old University of Groningen!

For Infinity – the Movie
Screenplay: Frank den Hollander, Jaap Ploeger and Reinout Wallis de Vries
Music: Christiaan Coenraads
Lyrics: Christiaan Coenraads and Frank den Hollander
Directed by: Reinout Wallis de Vries and Jaap Ploeger
Executive producer: Bram Douwes
Choreography: Inge de Bruine
Art direction: Josine Zuidema
Starring Tom Wilcox

Photos of the making of For Infinity-the Movie you will find here.

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