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Kid's Day Airport Eelde & Nijsinghhuis Art Visit

On Saturday 7 June you could participate in a family outing, cycling to Eelde. The bike ride had two destinations:

- Groningen Airport Eelde, which had a wide-ranging programme for kids.
- The Nijsinghhuis at Museum de Buitenplaats where you could admire paintings by Matthijs Röling.

Bike & Fly Along! Kid’s Day at airport Eelde

11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Machlaan 14a, Eelde

Organized in cooperation with Groningen Airport Eelde, Customs Service, Dutch Royal Military Police and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands

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Picture: Andre Brasse

Picture: Margreet Wilming

Picture: Andre Brasse

On Saturday 7 June there were all sorts of things to do at Groningen Airport Eelde:

Between 11.30 a.m. and 2 p.m. a detection dog showed just how good its nose is. In a demonstration, the dog searched for suspicious packages. You could also learn how a luggage scanner works, while children could scan their own items with one.

A falconer gave a demonstration at 12 noon and at 1.30 p.m. He told about birds and their natural behaviour, and explained why they can fly so well. There were five birds in all to admire: a common raven, Eurasian eagle-owl, steppe eagle, common buzzard and a Harris’s hawk. Between the demonstrations, you could dissect owl pellets or have your picture taken with one of the birds.

There were a number of jet-speed kids’ lectures to attend also. A meteorologist explained whether aircraft influence the weather, where clouds come from, and what can be done about global warming. A documents expert told all sorts of things about passports and ID cards, and explained how forged documents are recognized. A member of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee gave a demonstration with various weapons.

And that’s not all: there were experiments to conduct to find out why birds and planes can fly, you could make your own parachute or fold paper aeroplanes. Experts were standing by to answer all of the questions.

Registration Kid's Day by RTV Drenthe (Dutch)


Bike & Admire! Nijsinghhuis Art Visit

11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Hoofdweg 78, Eelde

Another option was to pay a visit to the Nijsinghhuis at Museum de Buitenplaats in Eelde. Here you could admire murals by Matthijs Röling, who also painted the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ in the Academy Building Aula. In 1983 Röling began work on the paintings in the Blue Room of the Nijsinghhuis. Later, he continued with the walls of the Library and Entry Hall. There he had already painted the ceiling with a celestial sky. There was a special tour you could join to admire the living quarters and their paintings.
Children were also enjoy themselves at Museum de Buitenplaats: there was a Dick Bruna exhibition where kids could do fun assignments.