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On Friday 30 May 2014, the Lauwersloop took place for the first time since 2000. The Lauwersloop is a relay race for students, starting from Leeuwarden, via Lauwersoog and ending in Groningen.

There were 17 stages which were spilt amongst roughly 110 kilometers; each varied between 4 to 12 kilometers. One team consisted of 17 people in total; of which each person took on their own stage of the race. In the final stage, two people ran. The start of the race took place in Leeuwarden, after which there were 4 restarts in Dokkum, Lauwersoog, Eenrum and Zuidwolde. At every restart, surrounded by music and enjoyment, each team started at the same time as the other teams; to minimize the spread between teams.

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Picture: Aart Nieuwkoop

Picture: Gerald Schuring

Picture: Gerald Schuring


07:15 AM - Start: Leeuwarden-Giekerk-Oudkerk-Rinsumageest-Dokkum
10:00 AM - First restart: Dokkum-Ee-Anjum-Lauwersoog
01:15 PM - Second restart: Lauwersoog-Ulrum-Leens- Eenrum
04:00 PM - Third restart: Eenrum-Baflo-Onderdendam-Zuidwolde
06:30 PM - Last restart: Zuidwolde-Groningen


From the last restart, each team started with two runners, one man and one woman. They ran the last stage of roughly 5 km to the finish on the Grote Markt in Groningen. The Walk for Infinity also finished here; a walking tour came from another (eastern) direction. Both sports events finished together in Groningen and paved a connection between the historical Friesian regions from east-Friesland (D) and the provinces of Groningen and Friesland. Ubbo Emmius, the first Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen, wrote a Friesian history about these areas.

Closing and sing-along

All runners were surrounded by fans and team-mates on the Grote Markt; alongside music and drinks. Afterwards there was the possibility for participants to eat at the Sports Centrum in Zernike. In the evening the award ceremony took place on the Grote Markt; followed by a big sing along - the Groninger Cantusfest - with a German ‘Ubbo Emmius’ touch, whereby with the enjoyment of a beer everyone sang along.