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Masquerade ‘Move-it!’

An old tradition rejuvenated

The Masquerade is an old anniversary tradition where students in costume would parade through the city. People from towns all over the province would visit the city to see students depict historical figures and tales. The custom would later also come to include serenades and open-air theatre. The last Masquerade took place in 1914, exactly 100 years ago. This was the right time to reinstate this special tradition.

The Masquerade holds a valuable place in the history of the University and the city. In order to do this tradition full justice, Masquerade – Move It! comprised four different parts, all based on elements from the old tradition.

The Masquerade – Move It! was artistically directed by Loes Heebink. She is a visual artist who is very experienced in art projects receiving input from society and the community.


The Broerplein filled with Stadjers (city residents) and students who serenaded the Rector Magnificus with a song about Groningen, the University, students and Stadjers. This kick-off of the RUG400 anniversary month promised to be a spectacular event. More information here.


A walk along a mini-festival during the the Night of Arts & Science. This was the night For Infinity – the Movie did premiere. The Promenade transported the visitor to this spectacular musical movie about student life.


Students and Stadjers collaborated with artists to present a unique parade through Groningen city centre. Mobile art objects were designed and built. Seven neighbourhoods, sixteen student associations and seven artists did participate. The process allowed students and Stadjers to get a glimpse of each other’s lives and get to know one another. Photos you will find here. More information about the works of art and participants here.

Grand Finale

In the night of 22 August and the early morning of 23 August 2014, one of the two works of art was unveiled, together entitled Imagine for Infinity, in the University Library. On 23 August, it was exactly 400 years ago that the University of Groningen was founded. More information you will find here.