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The Night of Art & Science

Think of everything you can imagine about art & science, make some interesting combinations between it, and spread them across the town. That’s The Night of Art & Science! On the 24th of May 2014 Groningen was the exciting capital of art and science.

A few highlights: at the Vismarkt, there was a big stage where you could enjoy the best music of the moment. The Church of Sciences was more impressive than ever. The festival attracted some 13,500 visitors, all of whom were invited to attend mini lectures, at the Groninger Museum, the University Library, the Academy Building, the KNAW Inventors’ Café and the Night Mass. Inspirational University of Groningen academics answered questions in their own fields in a very accessible manner. Many of these questions were part of the 400 Questions project. There was plenty of attention paid to questions about the relationship between art and science. Questions about matters concerning religion, philosophy, genetics and astronomy were also part of the programme.

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Picture: Bob de Vries

Picture: Gaston Wals

Picture: Gerald Schuring

Impression of The Night of Arts and Science by Sikkom: