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Rowing event Bommen Bootrace

On 14 June 2014, the canals of Groningen formed the battle grounds of the already well known historical rowing contest. This imitates the famous boat race on the Thames whereby rowers from Oxford and Cambridge would come yearly to compete for the honor; the University of Groningen and Münster builded upon this glorious tradition: the Bommen Bootrace!

This sportive encounter, set up in honor of the 400 year anniversary of the University of Groningen, took place on 14 June 2014. Afterwards, this event will be hosted yearly on 28 August; the day celebrating the siege of Groningen (‘Bommen Berend’).

Both Universities cross different rowing disciplines and various composition belts. So there were student boats, professor boats and  mixed rowing crews. 

Also there was a long race organized, followed by a decisive sprint. The heroes were greeted at the finish by cheers of the audience, where a DJ act made an appearance.

Photos of the Bommenbootrace you will see here.

An invitation movie that was sent to the participants Oxford and Cambridge: