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Voor Eeuwig, spectacular open-air musical theatre

Premiere Voor Eeuwig, by RTV Noord

All of the shows are performed, the musical theatre was a great success. Click here to see the pictures!

Picture: Reyer Boxem

Picture: Reyer Boxem

Picture: Piet Bakker

Language: Dutch
Direction & text: Tom de Ket

A bombastic cake is carried out from between the ultramodern University buildings on Zernike Campus. It is placed in front of the old Academy Building which has suddenly arisen there. The reason? It’s a party, an open-air party! A party for the academic relatives of grandfather Rugger, for the hard-working Groningen family the Martinis, and for you in the audience. How will the guests fare who jump out of the cake? How long will it take for the songs being sung at the table to sour? Isn’t it more fun in the kitchen? Come and be surprised by this comical choreographic mix of play, cabaret, dance and – lots of – live music!

In this comical musical theatre show, Tom de Ket (Drentse Bluesopera, De Verleiders) turns the spotlight on the history of the University of Groningen and academia. Performed by an acclaimed cast, this colossal stage spectacular depicts the relationship between the University and the inhabitants of the city and surrounding countryside. It is colossal because an arena is especially being built to stage For Infinity on Zernike Campus in Groningen, with a spectacular stage design by Ko van den Bosch, an exhibition space and open-air grandstands. The music was written by the renowned Rob Klerkx (Moke drummer) and Remko Wind (Drentse Bluesopera).

The theatre production Voor Eeuwig is a coproduction of the University of Groningen and theatre company Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT). This open-air production will be staged for ten days on location in a special place: Zernike Campus, the university campus home to the spectacular architecture of the Linnaeusborg life sciences building, the Bernoulliborg and the Energy Academy. It is a brilliant place to set up stage.

Text & direction: Tom de Ket
Image direction: Ko van den Bosch
Decor design: Tom de Ket, Ko van den Bosch and Martin Steeghs
Compositions: Remko Wind & Rob Klerkx
Costume design: Johanna Trudzinski
Lighting design: Hans Boven
Choreography: Guy Weizman & Roni Haver (Club Guy & Roni)
Performers: Peter Drost, Albert Secuur, Maartje van de Wetering, Steyn de Leeuwe, Peter Vandemeulebroecke, Bram van der Heijden, Margreet Boersbroek, Manon Nieuweboer
Music: Ronald Jonker, Allard Gosens, Rob Klerkx and Remko Wind
Choir: CT Heida, Liesbeth Tieland, Mervyn Gerds, Adelbert van der Meer
Dancing: Amy Josh, Adam Peterson (Club Guy & Roni)

Building the outdoor stage for Voor Eeuwig on the Zernike Campus Groningen:

Trailer Voor Eeuwig:

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