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Walk for Infinity

During the ascension weekend on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 of May 2014, The Walk for Infinity took place; a special walking tour from Greetsiel in East-Friesland to the city of Groningen. This even stood as a whole as a symbol of the 400 year anniversary of the University of Groningen.

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Picture: Wim Luttmer

Picture: Wim Luttmer

Picture: Wim Luttmer

The Walk for Infinity was inspired by the life of the famous East-Friesian scholar, Ubbo Emmius (1547-1625). We walked from his birth place in Greetsiel to the University of Groningen, where he became the first Rector Magnificus in 1614. Emmius wrote a lot about the history of the Frisian regions and published separate writings about East-Friesland and Groningen. In the Walk for Infinity, the participants followed in Ubbo Emmius’ footsteps.

The Walk for Infinity became a tour towards discovery. The senses of the participants were stimulated time and time again throughout the tour. They have visited buildings, farms and churches, tasted local delicacies, heared and experienced incredible music and theater. This with the purpose of letting the participants become associated with the inhabitants, villages, culture and landscapes similarly to how Ubbo Emmius did this four centuries before.

The entire distance over two days was roughly 80km. But there were varying distances which the participants could choose from. Per day there was the option to walk 40, 25 or 15 kilometers. Also, it was possible to only participate in one day of the walking tour. This made participation in the event possible for everyone: young and old, trained or untrained.

This international walking tour from Germany to The Netherlands was an initiative of the University of Groningen as a symbol of the 400 year anniversary, and was being organized according to the Tocht om de Noord (Northern Walking Trail).

Arrival at the Academy building of the University of Groningen

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