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Bad weather

The charm of an open-air play is, quite naturally, that it is performed outside! It is possible that the weather conditions are not optimal. Therefore we advise you to take the weather into account by bringing warm clothing/rainwear. Umbrellas can unfortunately not be used, as these can restrict the views of other spectators.

If the weather conditions are so bad beforehand that it is not safe to play, a possible re-scheduling of the performance will be decided before 2 pm (or before 11 am for the Sunday matinée) on the day of the performance. You can always check whether the show has been cancelled or not on the website

So at 2 pm (matinée: 11 am) you know for certain whether the performance will be take place or not. If the situation deteriorates during the performance, it will be decided on location whether or not the show will be temporarily put on hold, or will be cancelled entirely. We will always try to keep the play going and finish the performance, but obviously only when we can guarantee the safety of the spectators and volunteers. If this cannot be guaranteed, there are 2 possible scenarios:

  1. The performance is cancelled before 60 minutes have been performed. In this case the performance will be aborted and rescheduled to a different evening. Your current ticket is the valid ticket for the rescheduled performance. You will hear at the venue which night the performance will be rescheduled, and this can also read no later than 10 am on the website Refunds are not possible. For more information you can contact the organisers at 050-363 4000.
  2. The show is aborted after 60 minutes have been played. In the event that it is not possible to finish the performance on the same night, no extra performance will be scheduled to play the last 15 minutes. We regret that no refunds are possible.