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Peter Drost

The odds are you know Peter’s voice. He has done any number of radio plays and as a voice actor has done commercials, audio guides and documentary voice-overs.

There’s also a good chance his face is familiar to you. Thanks to television series (‘Baantjer’, ‘Flikken Maastricht’, ‘Grijpstra en De Gier’, ‘Levenslied’), theatre productions (with his own theatre company Beumer&Drost, Toneelgroep Maastricht, at the De Parade festival) and films (such as ‘Sonny Boy’).

But of course you know him from the ‘Voor Eeuwig' poster. In the show he plays Grandfather Rugger, whose heart is lost to science. He is the head of an eminent family and is celebrating his 400th anniversary with old friends and family. Peter also puts in an appearance playing the ‘brother’.


Albert Secuur

If anyone is cut out for his part in ‘Voor Eeuwig', it’s Albert. He is a Groninger to his very core.

In addition to being a regular guest actor with NNT (including parts in ‘Een grof sandaal’, ‘Woensdag Gehaktdag’, ‘Achterlanden’, ‘Teiresias’), he is also known from the ‘Drentse Bluesopera’ put on by PeerGroup. He also works as a voice actor and as director.

In ‘Voor Eeuwig' he takes on a double role, playing Uncle Gerard, psychologist and husband of Aletta, and father Jan Martini, a cook and the husband of Els.



Maartje van de Wetering

When she graduated in 2008, Maartje was immediately scouted by Ola Mafaalani of the Noord Nederlands Toneel theatre company and now is a resident actress with NNT. She has acted in nearly every major NNT stage production since joining, such as ‘Medea’, ‘Elf Minuten’, ‘Teiresias’ and ‘Salomé’.

She received accolades in the press for her role as Alice in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, her portrayal described as ‘strikingly beautiful’ and ‘moving and stirring’. All the more promising for her role as Ria in ‘Voor Eeuwig’! She plays the daughter of a born-and-bred Groningen family, who is in an relationship with Oscar, the grandson of Grandfather Rugger. Will he ever dare confess his relationship to his family?

Steyn de Leeuwe

You may very well know Steyn de Leeuwe from BNN. He presented programmes such as ‘Try before you die’, ‘Tequila’ and ‘Walhalla’.

Or perhaps you know him from the theatre. Among the productions Steyn has played in are ‘De Wijze Kater’ staged by Het Toneel Speelt and ‘De Drentse Bluesopera’ produced by PeerGroup. He also travels around the Netherlands with his comedy improv group Op Sterk Water.

But here he is Oscar! He plays the recalcitrant grandson of Grandfather Rugger, and is a man who disdains his privileged background. He is head over heels in love with Ria Martini, the cook’s daughter. It all proves to be a recipe for disaster.

Peter Vandemeulebroecke

Peter has been a resident actor with NNT since 2009. Over the years he has made an indelible impression with his infectious energy, comical talent and naturalist approach in productions of ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Don Juan’. In the meantime he also produced a number of celebrated speed projects such as ‘Kleefman’ and ‘The Place to Be In The Middle Of Nowhere’.

The Belgian theatre performer learned his craft at the Maastricht academy of performing art and worked with The Wooster Group, Guy Cassiers, RoTheater and Alex d’Electrique, among others, before joining NNT. 

In ‘Voor Eeuwig’ Peter plays Grandfather Rugger’s grandson, half-brother to Oscar and a sociologist and misunderstood genius. In addition, he is the sous-chef, a Flemish cousin of the Martinis.


Bram van der Heijden

Bram is an actor with the NNT theatre company and is currently featuring in ‘Oresteia’. In the past, he also worked for Toneelgroep Oostpool (including in the productions ‘Tramlijn Begeerte’, ‘Tsjechov’ and ‘Het proces’), O.T. and Mightysociety. He played Jan Lievens in the 2011 television series ‘Rembrandt en ik’.

In ‘Voor Eeuwig' he plays the award-winning physicist Uncle Frits. But he also plays the role of the FC Groningen fan and kitchen hooligan Geert (the cook’s son).

Margreet Boersbroek

Margreet can do it all. Not only did she feature in musicals such as ‘Hair’, ‘Soldaat van Oranje’ and ‘De kleine blonde dood’, but she was also nominated for the Guido de Moorprijs acting award for her role in ‘Koninginnenacht’ staged by the Nationale Toneel company.

And while she was at it she also managed to act in television series (‘Dokter Deen’, ‘Flikken Maastricht’, ‘A’dam E.v.a.’, ‘Klokhuis’ and ‘Kinderen geen bezwaar’) and movies (such as ‘Carmen van het Noorden’ and ‘De groeten van Mike’).

She will also be displaying her multiple talents in ‘Voor Eeuwig’. She takes on the roles of Aunt Francien, a morose yet ambitious cultural pessimist, and of Frouwke, Ria’s vulgar little sister.

Manon Nieuweboer

Manon has been acting since 1990, after graduating from the academy of dramatic art in Amsterdam, and has racked up an impressive track record. The companies she has worked with include Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT), Theatergroep Artemis, the RoTheater, Theater van het Oosten, Theatergroep Oostpool, Het Syndicaat, Vis à Vis and Toneelschap Beumer&Drost.

She has also played supporting parts on television and the silver screen. In ‘Voor Eeuwig', Manon puts in a double performance. She plays Aletta, doctor and activist, as well as mother Els Martini, a working-class woman finely attuned to status. A pithy pair of women!