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For Infinity is comprised of three amazing exhibitions: in the Der Aa-Kerk (Aa-Church), the Groningen Museum and the University Museum.
From the Shadows University Museum exhibition
Thursday 22 Mei, 5 and 12 June 2014‘Why are the stars so high?’ and ‘Why is the sun so hot?’.
On the 15th of May 2014, students and staff celebrated the 400 year anniversary of the University of Groningen together in Martini Plaza.
On Friday 30 May 2014, the largest Groninger Cantus ever took place in the heart of the city. A huge spectacle!
On Friday 13 June, the University of Groningen awarded ten honorary doctorates as part of its 400th anniversary celebrations.
A series of lectures in cooperation with Studium Generale Groningen
Tuesday 27 May 2014 | 8 – 9.30 p.m. | Academy building, Groningen
On Saturday 7 June you could participate in a family outing, cycling to Eelde. The bike ride had two destinations:
Geschiedenis van de Groninger KerkenMaandag 2 juni 2014 | Academiegebouw
On Friday 30 May 2014, the Lauwersloop took place for the first time since 2000. The Lauwersloop is a relay race for students, starting from Leeuwarden, via Lauwersoog and ending in Groningen.
An old tradition rejuvenated
Een reis door de oneindige ruimte en tijd
King Willem-Alexander opened celebrations of 400th anniversary of University of Groningen


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