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The university of Groningen is celebrating! Do you want to join us?

The university of Groningen invites schools to come to the ‘For Infinity’ exposition about scientific education in the Der Aa-kerk from 14 April till 27 June 2014. The exposition offers students a unique and grand view on the meaning of science, including social science, physical science, earth and space , life science and formal science from the last 400 years.

Students are going to look for answers about sickness & health, energy & nature and people & society in the interactive exposition. What questions can you answer and how do these answers change through time?

We have developed educative programs to help the students experience the exposition in an effective and activating way. For the educative program there is a division into 4 target groups with different goals:

  1. Primary education groups 3 to 8:
    In an interactive presentation pupils get in touch with the history of science and the development of knowledge. Different inventors and inventions pass by. Then the pupils work in small groups and carry out assignments by means of hands-on activities. The pupils, as scientists-to-be, research: the human body, our miraculous brain, nature, laws and the universe.
  2. Secondary education, year 1 and 2:
    Stimulating curiosity, getting aware of the different areas of science, getting to know the university. getting acquainted with the development of knowledge.
  3. Secondary education, year 3:
    First impressions of science, discover what research is and how knowledge has been developped. exploring the research areas and getting ideas for their profile choice.
  4. Secondary education, year 4 and 5:
    Getting aware of the connections between the different areas of science, getting to know research methodology and development of knowledge, getting inspired for their own research or what they are going to study in the future.

All groups are walking through the exposition using one or more activating assignment to guide them. The learning method and (group) assignments are adjusted to the target group.
For the primary schools it is possible to get a program that is specially made for your class.
For the senior classes of the secondary schools it is possible to get the programme with information about the profile project.

Duration: Max. 2 hours
Costs: € 40,- per class (max. 32 students)
Six timeslots: starts at 10 a.m., 12.00 noon and 14.00 p.m.

For more information about the educative programme, possible personal adjustments and subscriptions, please contact:
Primary Education: Linda Tijsma,, 050 363 5798, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Secondary Education: Marise Huizenga,, 050 363 7458, Mondays to Thursdays