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FAQ - frequently asked questions

  1. I would like to be seated with a friend who studied at another faculty. Is that possible?
    Yes, of course you can sit with your friend. Please do note that you will need to pick up your bracelet at the faculty stand of the faculty you registered with, but after that you can simply choose a single faculty together where you can find seats.
  2. I was enrolled in more than one degree programme and at more than one faculty. Where should I register?
    You can simply choose which one you prefer to be seated at for lunch. The table seating is arranged by faculty.
  3. I would like to sit with someone from my own year cohort.
    You can do so. During the opening (10 a.m. – 12 noon) on Broerplein square, you can meet your fellow students and old friends, and then pick somewhere to sit together at your faculty tables.
  4. Where will I be seated?
    This will all be on the map you will receive at the opening (10 a.m. Broerplein).
  5. What activities are there during the day?
    You can find out at You can also find out what there is to do in the programme booklet you will receive at the Broerplein.
  6. My degree programme had a number of specializations and my friend and I did different ones. Can we sit together?
    Yes, you can. The tables are arranged by faculty. The specializations make no difference.
  7. I will not be able to be there by 10 a.m.
    Although the official opening starts at 10 a.m., you have until 12.30 p.m. to trade your ticket for a bracelet. Please note that you should be wearing the bracelet during lunch. If 12.30 p.m. should prove difficult too, please e-mail us at
  8. I have a food allergy. Who should I inform about this?
    Please report this to one of the volunteers who will be available near where you are seated (they will be walking around). They will see what can be done to resolve this, in consultation with you.
  9. I do not yet have a ticket for the Alumni lunch. Is it some how possible to buy one?
    Unfortunately tickets for the Alumni lunch are no longer available, but please don’t let this hold you back from coming to Groningen. There is so much more to enjoy this Saturday! As an alternative for the Alumni lunch you could go to one of the cafés that will be serving a Gift for Infinity lunch. With this you will be contributing to the RUG400 charity fundraising drive. We would be happy to provide you with information about these cafés and lunches. Please drop by our information stand on the Broerplein square. More information about the charity fundraising – the Gift for Infinity – can be found here.