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Gift for Infinity Dinner

On Saturday 14 June 2014, the Gift for Infinity Dinner will take place in the Martinikerk. It is a charity dinner for the Gift for Infinity, the University of Groningen’s gift to the future: the academic study chosen by the public, ‘Let Old Be Gold’.


Prof. Sibrand Poppema (President of the Board of the University of Groningen) will act as host. Prof. Ronald Stolk (director of LifeLines and ambassador of the Gift for Infinity study), Carolien Gehrels (Amsterdam Alderwoman), Princess Marilène van Oranje (Development officer at the Rijksmuseum) and Matthijs Bierman (director of the Triodos Bank Nederland) will speak briefly about their work and their connection to the University of Groningen.


The Gift for Infinity Dinner is a fundraising event. Purchase a table for yourself and for instance your friends, colleagues (who might well be alumni too), year club or staff. Enjoy a three-course menu, prepared with local Groningen products and served by University of Groningen students. If you should happen to have places available at your table, and enjoy chatting with students, there is the possibility to invite one or more talented students to join you. During the dinner various RUG400 items will be auctioned for charity, including the Sacha de Boer photo banners which are now decorating the city centre.

Closing Party and Fundraising Total

The same evening, there will be a wonderful Closing Party on the Grote Markt, Vismarkt and Waagplein, which will signal the end to the month-long RUG400 festivities. During the party, the Gift for Infinity fundraising total will be announced. You and your guests will have access to a VIP area to enjoy the event. Accompanied by the Noordpool Orchestra, alumni artists such as Sandra van Nieuwland will be performing, but also acts including Bløf and the Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.

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