Anniversary celebration
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Theme For Infinity

The University of Groningen is a university with a 400 year history and aims to keep on growing for many centuries more. The university is a university that wants to contribute to a durable and well-balanced society by means of education, research and other contributions. Therefore it shouldn't come as a surprise that the theme for this anniversary is 4 ∞ . The combination of the number 4 and the mathematical symbol for infinity ∞ looks like 400 and is pronounced in English as "For Infinity". And that is exactly what the University of Groningen wants to project: We want to exist for ever ("for infinity"), but we also want to work for and on the future ("for infinity").

The University of Groningen's view on "For Infinity"

"For Infinity" fits the University of Groningen's ambition to generate knowledge and understanding for the generations to come. In society, emphasis is usually oncurrent affairs and quick solutions. But what the University of Groningen wants, is to counterbalance this by creating and sharing scientific knowledge and understanding that have value and usefulness in the long term. The theme does not only fit the university's 400-year-old tradition, but also fits its ambitions for the future. This is reflected in all subject areas the university has on offer, but is especially the case when referring to the three cornerstones of our research, that all contribute to sustainable solutions to global challenges: sustainable society, energy and healthy ageing.


Lustrumvignet: Frank van der Veen,